Friday, August 8, 2014

My Case Study on Social Wi-Fi at AirTight Networks for Wireless Field Day 7

Video of my presentation yesterday from Wireless Field Day 7. I'm so blessed and honored not only to have the opportunity to chat with this group (thanks again AirTight Networks who gave me a time slot) but also to have such an amazing response from my peers from across the nation via Twitter and online!!

Here is a link to a blog post on AirTight's page that is basically this presentation in written form:
Enchantment is the new Black: A Guest Blog from Drew Lentz of Frontera Consulting on Social Wi-Fi

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  1. Drew, your presentation was outstanding! Biggest takeaway for me was that AirTight gives users the option on social media log ins or just free Wi-Fi login. That is the way is should be--give customers the choice, and not force them to give personal information if they chose not to do so. Thanks again!